Made to measure

Bright Women’s Association of Today is incredibly excited. Starting December 6th, a new opportunity to help support and empower vulnerable women in Tunisia will launch.

Introducing… Carthage Threads of Hope! 

BWAT have continued to explore practical ways in which they can live out their vision to love the vulnerable and abused woman of Tunisia. 

Life for many women – particularly in the more rural areas of the country – is difficult. Add to this a global pandemic, the ensuing financial uncertainties, restrictions of freedoms and general instability… As is often the case, the vulnerable are the first to suffer.

The Carthage Threads of Hope Project, which will run for a year, will see seven women receive training in embroidery and sewing. They will each be given practical sessions on how to use sewing machine, how to measure and make a variety of items, and how to tailor articles for clients. This opportunity will offer each participant a much-needed skill with which they will be able to start earning a livelihood for themselves and their families. 

Choosing the equipment…

The participants are all known to BWAT through their work – in particular through the recent Covid-19 relief efforts which they’ve been undertaking, distributing food and school supplies up and down the country. The women are all passionate, dedicated and talented women who just need someone to show them that they believe in them. Someone who respects and treasures them. Someone to show them that they are worth so much more than their circumstances. That they have dignity. That they are loved.

Practically, the training will take place every other weekend, and there will be seven sessions altogether. The equipment has been purchased, the women have been selected and the space is being set up. It’s all coming together now!

Some of the beautiful fabric our participants will be learning on!

We are thankful for our trainer, and the generosity of many that has enabled this project to take off. We are so thankful for our partners, thanks to whom this important work is now almost a reality. 

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for the launch event next month!

1 thought on “Made to measure

  1. Congratulations as you start this new adventure. Every blessing and success!


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