Thank you, ACT, for your partnership!

Exciting times earlier this month! On Monday 6th May, Bright Women’s Association of Today (BWAT) were welcomed to main offices of the Association of Cooperation (ACT) and Transformation for the official signing of a two-year agreement of partnership. 

BWAT Board members met with the directors’ team and a few other ACT staff members to share some time together, getting updates on BWAT and renewing our relationship working towards our shared vision of helping vulnerable women. 

It was great to be able to share in some of what BWAT has been up to in the past year.

Our various trainings and conferences, each designed to help grow the vision and capacity of BWAT and its members. 

Our trauma healing courses in the north-east. 

Our excitement and planning on how best to get the next phases of our project work. 

Our discussions around what we will be prioritising and how we will be moving forward into 2019.

ACT General Director (pictured below) shared that he was excited by this future partnership, as both organisations want to help, support, value and bring transformation to those who are vulnerable in society, and for their voices to be heard. 

“We look forward to a future of mutual learning from each other,” he continued, “as well as to what ACT and BWAT can achieve together in partnership.” 

A particularly special moment was when BWAT President and Founder Member Sana Guebsi and Treasurer and Founder Member Awatef Yazidi shared some of the current needs and struggles they have faced. 

“We want to help women who are going through hard times,” shared Sana. “To be a support for them in their struggles.”

BWAT’s current need is to get the boutique up and running. A space that will both generate income through selling second-hand goods as well as creating opportunities for employment and training for women as cashiers and members of staff. 

They are also prioritising finding an administrator to help with their internal structures and good practices. 

“ACT is excited to see BWAT continue to grow,” says ACT staff member Hannah. “They bring hope and an infectious excitement wherever they go. It is an honour to work with them, supporting them in a number of ways to grow their own capacity and impact many more vulnerable women in such need.”

BWAT remains steadfast in their commitment to caring for and supporting the women they have been working with.  

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