Media Training Q&A

Here’s what the visiting trainers had to say about their time at BWAT’s Media Training, held in Hammamet in Feburary 2019.

How did you hear about BWAT?

A: “We know Bright founder Awatef Yazidi. She asked us to come along and be involved in this training.

BWAT has done a professional video before. However, it wouldn’t be possible for them to do this too often, as it can be costly. 

We knew we could come to do specific training on how to create such videos using just your phone. This way, a team can produce their own videos faster. There’s no need for big production, and you can still have good quality content.

We’re sort of trialling this training, hoping to develop it; our desire is to equip people to do something for others. For people to do production without the need for big budgets; it’s inspiring to tell stories.”

What are you hoping to achieve this week? 

J: “For me, I’m hoping to inspire participants; to let them know it’s possible for them to be making videos. To give them their own voice, to make it available, and dispel any myth that it’s complicated or inaccessible for non-professionals.”

A: “We asked for expectations on arrival. One participant claimed to be bad with technology, and yet was excited to be able to engage without it in spite of being a technophobe. That was cool.”

What have the participants been like?

A: “Some participants a little afraid of technology want to make videos. That’s exciting.”

J: “Participants are eager to learn and get going with what they’re taking on. There are many different levels of experience in the room, which means that people have been helping each other.”

What’s your hope for BWAT as they use this training?

A: “I really hope we will see short videos, and a developed social media presence. The voice of Bright Women’s Association of Today.” 

J: “PRODUCE! See this as a starting point, produce and grow your skills and get your message out there. And continue to experiment; even the experts are always learning.”

A BIG, Bright thank you for the generous gift of equipment, and the 
headphones donated for participants!

We’re excited to see the videos that will come of this training.

* full names omitted for security

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