Shining testimony

One participant of the BWAT Shine shared her experience of the training.

“I was afraid at first. I had no hope that women would want to participate. 

When I would meet the ladies who were to take part in the street I thought they were callous, with no feelings, hard. 

From the first session, it felt like a wall was torn down and broken, with everyone sharing freely.

By the second session, when I heard the same ladies from before express themselves, I was surprised by how much love they have in their hearts. They are full of compassion, but just appeared to be hard.

Towards the end of the course there was a lot of trust and love built. We greet each other closely, and everyone one wants to help one another. 

I didn’t imagine it, but I received and saw more than I expected from the programme.

I want to thank Awatef Yazidi: when someone comes all the way to [the remote area] where I am solely for encouraging me and the women here, it’s wonderful.”

We are touched by this woman’s experience. We hope to inspire further, as we have been ourselves!

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