Journeying with Soumaya

BWAT first met Soumeya* when she was pregnant. The father was married to another woman. He made promises to leave his wife and take care of Soumeya and their child, but things grew worse over time – he was always asking for money, coming home drunk, behaving aggressively and getting violent with her.

“What am I to do? I know he loves me, and I love him too.”

She grew ashamed, despairing of her situation. She tried to end her life twice. 

BWAT joined Soumeya in her journey, comforting and guiding her through her grief and her healing.

They continued to walk with her though the discovery of her own dignity.

Soumeya is now doing much better, is in a more stable situation and has a renewed hope for her – and her child’s – future. 

*name changed

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